Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe nago 1962

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  1. about marilyn monroe Says:

    Marilyn Monroe Quote

    Yes, a lot of things have been written about Marilyn Monroe.
    She is unquestionably an American legend and the idol of millions
    of fellows around the globe. I am a giant fan of Marilyn, too.
    She was the most beautiful and sexy woman who lived on the
    Earth. She had so delightful smile, and she was so sweet and attractive.

    She was a symbol for many American girls which have been inspired so much by her.
    She starred in so many movies and a lot of beautiful songs have been devoted to her.
    I am a collector of everything which is related with Marilyn.

    I was interested in some truly delightful porcelain figurine of
    Marilyn. I was searching over the Net pretty long time, and I found a lot of things
    about Marilyn Monroe. Finally, I found the company named WEXONMART Inc.
    , which sells truly terrific porcelain figurine of Marilyn.

    So I purchased this figurine immediately.
    This terrific figurine says a lot about Marilyn Monroe. She will stay
    in our hearts forever.

    Craig Langridge
    Santa Barbara, CA

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